Summer Tour 2016


On June 1st, I will be traveling back to El Salvador with Trevor Jenkins to work with some of these students once again! Almost everyone in this picture is deaf and part of our WAVE team in El Salvador. From June 1-11, we will be working together with them, performing songs and having a day camp with games, Bible studies and worship.


Amazon FiresOne of the things many of you are aware of is that we have been helping sponsor many of these kids with school supplies and helping them with their education. As part of that effort, we are bringing down several Amazon Fires that were donated for them to use in the school for reading and learning.

Not only are we brings some to the deaf kids but we are also able to give a couple to Daniel who is working teaching English to the students who are victims of gang violence.

Daniel meets with these students once-a-week teaching them English, tutoring them and also hosting Bible studies. God is using him in a great way to introduce these kids to a new way of life from gangs and also in Christ. Continue to pray for them as gang violence is a huge issue in El Salvador. In fact, El Salvador is the murder capital of the world. For more information about this, read this article: El Salvador Murder Capital.

These pics were taken on my last trip when we were able to give them school supplies donated from people in the USA. Please keep them in your prayers.











Another cool thing we get to be part of is hosting a camp for unbelievers on June 3-5. I’ll be the keynote speaker sharing the gospel on how God is searching for people and has come for them to enter into a relationship with them through Jesus Christ. Please keep this event in your prayers as we love people into God’s Kingdom.

searching camp

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