El Salvador Nicaragua Trip October/November


The summer had many highlights but nothing really compares to travel outside of the country for 3 weeks! Traditionally, V2H tries to make across cultural international trip each year. This summer, V2H traveled to El Salvador and spent 14 days and then another 6 days in Nicaragua. It was during this time that I began to realize some of the dreams and goals we had as an international ministry start really taking shape.

During my time in Nicaragua, we began talking about forming another WAVE team. We already have a vibrant and flourishing team in El Salvador and now the possibility of expansion was on the horizon once again! Wow! And could we possibly bring the ES team to be part of the expansion? Jorge Campos had actually been to this place once before, meeting some of the locals and introducing them to some of what we do. The initial seed and thought came from our friend Scott Kirschner who has made several visits to Nicaragua. With Scott’s help in arranging for this trip and working alongside Tony and Debbie Jones, founders of the camp we stayed at, Jorge and I were able to deepen the possibility by spending time laying some foundation and framework for the future. Now we are both looking to return with the ES team in October and November to launch our second “Spanish” team. The dates are a little flexible at this point as we are still working on details but it is certainly an exciting time in our ministry to be able to see two international expansions within 10 years! Praise God!

Please be in prayer as the US side needs to help generate funds to bring the ES team to Nicaragua in order to make this expansion complete. If you’d like to support this mission financially, you can give through www.paypal.com using glv2h@yahoo.com as the recipient. Your gifts are tax-deductible. Thanks so much!