El Salvador Mission Trip

el salvador mission trip

Would you consider helping me get back to El Salvador this October? This trip and your help will allow us to provide another skate demo with prizes, but supplies for the skate shop to start the business, provide help for the work project of the retaining wall in the community, provide supplies for a gospel outreach within another community and cover our expenses in the country for travel and food. We are excited to also be working with a Christian deaf school and through our v2h mission house, excited to be helping the deaf learn life skills to share the gospel and grow in Christ. This trip will also give us the chance to relaunch our WAVE team ministry and begin to set up next Summer’s mission back. Any gift you give is tax-deductible and can be made online here: Donate. Thanks so much! ‪#‎vision2hear‬ ‪#‎v2hmission‬‪#‎v2hmissiontrip‬