Helping Those In Need

Even though George has not been to Nigeria for a few years now, Vision 2 Hear is continuing to support and help several people there. Below you will see pics of several people that V2H has reached with help over 2016 and provided funds for medical assistance along with material needs. Please continue to pray for our friends in Nigeria as life there is difficult. In all, we have sent funds to 6 people in Nigeria this year, several on a monthly basis to assist with living. Thanks to each of you who have given to help those in need!

We helped Aboy with some funds when part of his house collapsed.

Ike and Aboy are a couple of the young men we have helped in the past.

Ike showing his leg with some salve

Ike getting bandaged up.

Ike had a bad motorcycle accident a couple of years ago and is still getting treatment for it. We have helped with some of his costs.

Kelechi’s mom’s foot healing

Kelechi’s mom in the clinic

Kelechi’s mom’s foot issue

Kelechi’s mom has been hospitalized with a serious foot injury. We gave to help with costs.

We helped Vincent when he asked for assistance with food.