Help Emily Get To The Olympics

Emily Parlier

Emily Parlier (SLAM) started her interest with Taekwondo when she was 8. Because she was always the shortest in her class, her legs would dangle from her chair and she would swing then back and forth (kick). She turned 9 in June of the following year and finally in December of 2010 she became an official taekwondo student. She started taking classes in January, 2011 and she has never looked back! As she has progressed from white belt to yellow belt, she developed an interest for sparring, so when sparring class came, there she was, the little dynamite on the mat. Later on when she was a blue belt, she had been watching things like the olympics and US Nationals and she told Master Shim that she wanted more. So she started taking private lessons to help her with sparring. She had gotten better and better for 3 1/2 years so finally in Febuary of 2014 came the US Open, one of the biggest Taekwondo Tournaments in the world! Though she did not place a medal in sparring, but she did place 2nd in the world with her teammates Yerim Jeong and Alex Lee. Then came the US Nationals, which IS the biggest taekwondo tournament in the world. Now, she is striving to go to her 2nd US Open and her 2nd US Nationals! She has worked so hard and we hope that family and friends can help contribute a little money for her expenses and become a part of Team Slam. Also, Team Slam shirts are now on sale, if you would like to purchase one, contact Shannon Bell at (404) 242-8688. Click here to help out: Help Emily