Nicaragua, El Salvador, India


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A very exciting time is coming up for Vision 2 Hear. We not only have some exciting trips to Miami in September but three different countries we will visit in October, November and into December.


Over the last 4 years, I have been to Nicaragua several times, leading teams and establishing our ministry partnership with Together Works Nicaragua. We have developed a WAVE team sign ministry and been heavily involved in helping provide food, clothes and other items like Bibles. This past summer we sponsored a day camp among some of our new ventures in ministry to the kids in Padre Ramos.

In October 18, Trevor (the V2H Intern) and myself will join a couple of guys from my church and meet Jorge Campos (V2H Missionary and President of V2H El Salvador) and spend several days developing leaders, helping map out strategies for economic growth, and ministering to surrounding villages with food and clothes. We will spend time visiting the Dump, Ten Tall and Los Zoros, a neighboring village to continue ministry from previous trips.

Kids from SuchitotoEl Salvador

Trevor, Jorge and I will leave on October 27 for El Salvador by bus. The trip will take about 12 hours. Once there we will work with the V2H ministry there and encourage their leaders with workshops, training and hosting a couple of events for outreach. We will also meet with Mario DeValle and work with his church plant, spending a few days working on church leadership and hosting a couple of workshops. We will return to the USA on November 4th.

This is an exciting time for the ES V2H Ministry as we re-evaluate ministries in ES and talk about future development. Since we are unable to bring the team here this December as we had hoped, this chance for me to be there will contribute greatly toward our future success and continued ministry in San Salvador and Suchitoto.


I have never been to India but if the doors continue to open, I’ll be traveling with at lest one other to Vijayawada, India to visit our missionary pastor, Rajendra for about 10 days of ministry in his churches and orphanage. The plan is to leave sometime around November 28 and return December 11. Our church supports the ministry already on a monthly basis and so I’ll be going to follow-up with personal encouragement, ministering through preaching and signing.

Your gifts will not only go toward helping me get to all of these places, but also assist in helping cover some costs for Trevor, Jorge and gifts toward the trips to those various places. Anything you give is tax-deductible and an investment in eternity. Thanks so much for your prayers and support of our work in the USA and around the world! We couldn’t do it without you. To donate simply click here: Donate